Who We Are

about us

Local South African businessman Henk Meyer, is an entrepreneur in the cell phone industry (NuMobile SA) & building industry (Henk Meyer Restoration). His latest brainchild, AquaRiva, is a division of Cape Water Solution in the Western Cape. Our aim is to follow international & local trends by supplying superior quality mineral water to all our clients in a sustainable platform that re-uses dispenser bottles to minimize unfriendly carbon footprints.

Internationally this has shown to be the most eco-friendly way to acquire mineral water for daily use.

Did You Know?

We need to stop the rising tide of plastic pollution in our oceans. Water bottles make up around half of all plastic bottles. To reduce the 7 billion plastic water bottles used in SA each year, drink what you want, when you want, whenever you want with our reusable water dispenser systems, and you can make a huge difference.

Where do we come in?

Rentals of AquaRiva dispensers & coolers are a great way to conveniently get mineral water delivered whilst reducing the number of single use water bottles you use. Be sure to use our re-usable bottle delivery service.

More and more gyms, reception areas, foyers, homes and offices are renting water coolers where you can refill your glass or sports bottle, the perfect solution for recycling, re-using and reducing your carbon footprint.

Water for offices

Where innovative ideas are shared daily…

There are great advantages attached to using water coolers for the office. One being they are ideal for your employees to get to know each other, share ideas and collaborate with one another. Not only do they encourage and improve communication, however they can make your employees happier, healthier and stay productive.

Water for Schools

Children are susceptible to dehydration which leads to poor concentration, performance and mood. Studies in South Africa prove that 60-70% of school children that are not hydrated are affected.

We at Aquariva understand that remaining properly hydrated helps to improve attention, short-term memory, and general well-being; which is why we offer water coolers for our school environment, and to help create better water drinking habits.

Water dispensers for hotels & guest houses

Corporate Social Responsibility

We enjoy enhancing the companies Corporate Social Responsibility Status by committing to becoming more sustainable and improve environmental schemes in the workplace.

This helps raise brand awareness and also helps the business develop trust with other businesses and its shareholders, customers and employees.

Our free-standing hot & cold water dispensers are perfectly suited for the hospitality sectors in Cape Town.

How Much Should Children Drink?

children recommended

When you invest in Aquariva dispensers, you improve your hydration, health and drastically reduce the impact on our South African plastic waste environment.

We cannot stress the importance of clean healthy water to keep your body functioning at optimum levels. You may find filter water in plastic bottles, but just give a quick thought of its impact on the environment. Where do all the plastic bottles go? All the bottles that do not always end up being recycled end up polluting our oceans and end up in landfill. These are serious polluting factors and are seriously damaging for our environment. Renting an Aquariva dispenser is one of the many ways to start caring for our environment.

Cost/impact comparison

What is your impact on the environment?

Re-usable water bottles


Single use low grade plastic?


Drinking only sugary drinks?
Buying lots of bottled water?
Still drinking tap water?


Eco Friendly, great tasting mineral water


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