Vin Gupta (Pulmonologist)

Candy cigarettes can additionally serve as a way to market cigarettes to youngsters, as many sweet cigarettes have branding almost similar to cigarette brands. The Twitter account Brands Saying Bae highlights the usage of company Twitter accounts employing the term. If you utilize Google to look Wikipedia, (recommended you read) and click on “cache” at the underside of any end result in the search engine outcomes page, you will see the phrase(s) that you simply searched for highlighted in context. To get Wikipedia search outcomes whereas on any net page, you’ll be able to temporarily set your net browser’s search box to turn into a Wikipedia search search box, even though you’re on another net site; see Help:Searching from an online browser.

See the navigation box below. See Preferences → Devices Looking There are also custom consumer-scripts to make all search results always open in a brand new tab. 50 may find what you’re looking for. This lets you discover Wikipedia outlines which can be lacking the outline footer template. For template parameters, see Help:Template § Parameters. Search can even filter outcomes by template names used, category membership, or pages linking to a specific web page.

Because the “beginning” characters can, when you need, go on to incorporate the characters all of the method to the tip of the page name, prefix should embrace areas, since page names usually embrace areas. Most operators, comparable to intitle: and incategory:, ignore pointless spaces, or gray-area, after the colon. For that reason prefix: should only ever be given on the final a part of a search field query, and subsequent character after the colon can’t be an area.

Given only at first of the question, a namespace name followed by a colon limits search outcomes to that namespace. Parameters function as name filters, each followed by the search time period it operates on. Unlike different filters, articletopic additionally does page weighting: articles that are a stronger match for a topic can be higher within the search results (whereas articles which are not about that topic in any respect will be faraway from the consequence set fully).

Terms within the search string are subject to stem matching, aside from something included between double citation marks. Results match word stems, along with their numerous tenses (previous tense, plural tense, and many others.), aside from anything included between double quotation marks. Consumer scripts is likely to be designed to work on the search results web page but not the search page, for example. Files from Wikimedia Commons are included within the outcomes when the “File:” namespace has been selected.

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